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Keithanthony Taylor

I'd like to give all credit to you Maria for some great writings that thus far I have read here and there, where Google has found you, after I noted your upcoming event at the Thistle Hotel London on 06th October 2007 where my colleagues/friends the blue shirt volunteers will greet you!

Unfortunately I shall not this time be among them since it is a smaller venue! Although I’m hoping they will allow me, and pony tail, in as a short notice booking when I arrive as guest rather than volunteer!

I have to agree that praise goes a long way, and is part of the process that found me in a reserved seat with the directors at the six-figure uVme pre launch day! This was after only 14 days since the name flashed up on my screen for the first time bringing with it that feeling of another sinking ship! Only MLM could previously do this to me!

However having joined the online presentation, noticing I had not only a facility to text, but also a microphone button that guests seemed nervous of, I was throughout the presentation using text in a positive manner much of it praise for the presenter, my timely anecdotes, and famous quotations also backed his great delivery and he told the room I was noticed, and that he much appreciated my surprise assistance!

At the end of the presentation I went vocal to the World for the first time on the first day to thank him for his great and clear delivery of a company, thanking him for changing my mind about another MLM this one now giving myself and many others an incredible future using Web2!

Now after only 3 months leading the North America presentation in place of Linda Tangarone while she is recovering from surgery! Linda is also now a good friend of mine I understand No1 one East Coast America with Avon!

I cannot see my audience however I always praise them at the start for joining the audio visual conference since they join from all around the World in many time zones, some of them attending at 04:00am which shows tremendous commitment to a better future!

Always at the outset of my presentation my praise directs their minds to think of themselves as leaders since they have taken the time to support the conference where many others are content to enjoy their beds or TV! I praise and thank them in advance for the honour they bestow upon me to address them, and encourage them that I am like them, an ordinary person not a super presenter! I do not wish to show them what a super presenter I am because in order for my team members to progress I need my team to feel, “I could do that!” rather than, “Wow he’s so good I could never emulate that!”

I always try to set the scene and encourage them to see themselves stepping up to the plate to present as easily as do I, finding praise works like oil! Praising them that they too are capable because they are ordinary, ordinary is good, ordinary is ok, has encouraged many of them to interrupt me with their first press of the scary button that says mic!

I only wish that I had their faces before me, since an appreciative audience that you know has grown a little from our words gives me no greater joy!

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