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Hi there, fraternal greetings from the Elevators -
thought i would have a look at you site after talking to our mutual mate Jools who comes to see both you and us -along with several hundred other gigs a year.
Never seen you but your name is often on the walls of the gigs we play.
its good for bands to keep each other posted of Crap gigs and by way of a warning avoid the Crown in Heathfield. landlord is OK but the Punters are a waste of space.
Maybe we will run into each other at Colne or elswhere.
all the best and enjoy Gary Moore tommorow

Mark & Jools

A Big Thanks to "The Big Blue" (Stuart, Andy & Dave) for lifting everyone's spirits at The Smugglers last night after Englands's abyssmal performance.
Our boys (BB that is!) played another great gig. Excellent version of the Freddie King classic "Have You Ever Loved A Woman?" and of course their own take on Jimi's "Voodoo Chile" with that Led Zep riff. Blinding!!

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