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Cat lover and former rock chick (although once a rock chick, always a rock chick). Born in Liverpool but travelled and lived the length & breadth of the UK (Thurso, anyone?) before settling in Sussex where I now live with my musician husband, Stuart, and three lovely cats.

My passion is to help people to grow and enjoy life. Human beings are achieving creatures and I believe gaining a sense of achievement is one of the best feelings in the world, especially if you've overcome unfavourable odds to get there.

Public speaking is an activity many people avoid and yet it's one that can have a huge, positive impact when you actually stand up there and perform. It pushes the boundaries that - once expanded - never go back. Hence, it can impact all areas of your life from increased self-esteem and confidence to better networking and connecting with others.

It's also just one element of successfully marketing your offering and if you believe in your business, product or service, why woulnd't you want to do all you can to ensure as many people buy from you as possible.


Reading, internet, performing, writing, long-haired men (preferably with eyeliner), shoes, cats, cats, cats.